A Family Owned Business Since 1946.

Artcraft Wood Products Company was started back in 1946 by Regis Stalter. As a remodeler, he found it hard to find good quality mouldings that he used frequently, so he started to make them himself in the basement of his home. He soon outgrew his basement and then moved to our present location at 1307 High Street.

In 1951, the building burnt down. He again started over, rebuilding and adding on to what he had. Within 25 years he had a building covering a whole city block.

From this location, we now continue the wood moulding business with it’s 2nd & 3rd generation. As Regis started the business, we continue to produce the highest quality moulding in town. Satisfied customers are our main sales people. We are totally committed to quality, customer satisfaction and good pricing.